Bodnant Community School

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School Meals

Dinner times are supervised by Dining Room Assistants and your child’s Teaching Assistant. Your child has the choice of school meals or a packed lunch.  School meals are provided each day with a set menu with at least two options, please see the menu provided. Paying for dinners is simple via Parent Pay.  If you accrue a debt of £11 or more, we will pass the debt to Denbighshire County Council for collection.

Denbighshire County Council provides school meals, and they set the cost, which varies from year to year which are currently £11 per week.

Free meals cannot be provided unless we have received written authority from the Local Authority. The Headteacher and staff have no authority to grant free meals.  If you are unsure as to whether you may be entitled to free school meals please contact county on 01824 706316.



Children are permitted to bring sandwiches, fruit healthy snacks etc., in their packed lunches, but we ask that hot drinks in flasks are not brought or any spreads containing nuts such as Nutella.  Cold drinks must not be brought in glass or other containers that could become hazardous if broken or smashed.  We encourage healthy eating at our school and ask that a balanced, healthy packed lunch is provided.   As part of our healthy eating programme, children are not permitted to bring sweets including chocolate sweets to school.