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Mini Me Yoga


The school has realised the potential of the benefits of yoga for the children and these include:
Increased strength, fitness and suppleness.

Raised endorphin levels – these feel-good chemicals increase joy, wellbeing and calm and decrease stress-levels, aggression and frustration. This means children become more able to deal with their social surroundings and peers.
Yoga also helps raise our heart rate, improving cardiovascular health.

Increased blood-flow and oxygenated blood to the brain lead to improvements in concentration, retaining information and the ability to process information more quickly.
Increase in body confidence.

These effects continue way beyond the time we actually spend doing yoga.

These are the things we are all striving for as adults, so acquiring these healthy habits as children, having them become second nature early on in their lives, provides children with a really firm footing on the ladder to becoming happy, successful individuals.