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New Curriculum


Parent information about changes to your child's curriculum. 

The world is changing. There are lots of new challenges that will need new technology and new ideas. The Welsh Government wants your child to have the knowledge, skills and experiences they will need to succeed. 

Professor Donaldson and his team had meetings across Wales for schools to have a say. They had meetings with teachers, headteachers, school managers, staff and professionals. Between March and December
2014 they visited around 60 schools including:
● nursery schools
● primary schools
● secondary schools
● special schools
● and others.
They talked to children and young people, parents and carers, business and community groups and others across Wales. They looked at Estyn reports, Welsh Government policies and other reports

Children and young people told him they thought the curriculum was already out-of-date especially in technology, software and digital skills. They wanted a greater focus on life skills, personal confidence, basic skills, work skills, career advice and health and well-being. They also wanted lessons to be fun, interesting and not something that were there just to pass assessments or get qualifications. 

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