Bodnant Community School

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The School Day

School times

The School day begins at 8:50am and ends at 3:10pm for children in reception to year 2 and 3:20pm in year 3 to year 6.


Lunchtime is 11:30am – 12.30pm for for reception to year 2 and 12.15pm - 1:15pm for year 3 to year 6 .


The school days starts at 8:50 am for all children, and children should arrive in the playground no earlier than 8:40 am.  All children should enter and leave the school premises by the parent car park.  The gate by the bus is locked at 9:30am so all access is then via the main entrance of the school.  The gates will be opened at 3 pm. 


All parents of reception to year 2 children must wait outside the external doors with the children until the doors are opened at 8:50 am.  It is the parent's responsibility to ensure the children are taken into the classroom before leaving them.  This is a good opportunity to speak to the teacher if there is an issue or worry.  These children will leave by the same doors at 3:10pm where they should be met by a named adult (16 or over). If you have a sibling from High School to collect a pupil from Bodnant please fill in the Sibling Collection Form and this will be at the parent’s discretion.


All parents of year 3 to year 6 children will be dropped off at the main gate and met by the main gate at home time. Year 3 children can be met from the windy tunnel area at 3:20pm.



For the safety and security of children and staff, access to the school site is restricted during the school day.  Between 9:30 am and 3.00 pm all visitors, including parents, must use the main entrance and report to the School Office when they arrive on site.


Children being collected at any time other than the end of the day, must wait in the main entrance and be signed-out by parents at the School Office.  


Early Years parents (Nursery and Reception) and year 2 should use the Early Years’ gate located at the back of school.  This gate does not provide access to the main school.


In reception to year 2, children should be collected promptly at 3.10pm.  Children will only be released to known persons; if you wish to make alternative arrangements for collection, you should please telephone the office with a name and details of the person collecting.