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A message to parents from our children

Car Parking


The school has a legal responsibility to ensure the safety of all premises users (so far as reasonably practicable). This also includes the Staff and Visitors Car Park, as well as the Parent Car Park and drop off area.

The school has in place a Traffic Management Risk Assessment, which identifies significant hazards. One way of addressing and minimising hazards is to draw attention to premises users, the need for extreme caution when using the school site.

The school will continue to inform school site users of the need for extreme caution when driving / parking on the school site.  Could all vehicle owners please note that the drop off bays have a maximum waiting time of just 2 minutes, as stated on signage. If parking is required, the parking bays adjacent to Nant Hall Road can be used. Alternately, can we remind you that free parking is available at Tesco.

 Vehicle users are asked to comply with road markings prohibiting parking on site, and to be mindful of people using the on-site pedestrian crossings.  Parking on Nant Hall Road itself is discouraged, especially as this creates a traffic problem on this busy road.  Vehicle users are also asked to be mindful when parking near the school as inconsiderate parking can cause inconvenience to our neighbours.

 The staff and visitor’s car park is not designed to be used as a drop off area.  We ask all vehicle users not to use this area for drop off or afternoon pick up.

 The school accepts no responsibility for loss or damage to vehicles on site. Parking is at the risk of owners.