Bodnant Community School

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Trips and Residential


On entry to the school, all pupils will be given a form of consent to be filled in by parents. By completing this form, parents agree to their child participating in recognised school activities off the site, such as walks, visits to local parks, amenities and places of interest.

In the Foundation Phase, due to the age of the children, staff will usually ask parents to complete a “Form 8” which includes contact and medical details when making visits outside the immediate locality.

You will usually be asked for a voluntary contribution and if there is not enough financial support from parents, the activity may have to be cancelled.

In key stage two arrangements are made annually for pupils in Years 5 and 6 to participate in an extended excursion at an outdoor activity centre e.g. Glan Llyn and France. The visits are usually of 2 to 5 days duration in term time. They give children an insight into rural life and the opportunity to adventurously explore outdoor activities in a supervised environment.