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Parent Support

Family Liaison Manager


Parent and Toddler

Caroline Haddon facilitates a parent and toddler session on Thursday from 9-10 engaging with existing as well as new parents to the school with various craft activities and the admission is free. The group has several families that attend every week and it enhances the transition from home to school by familiarising the children to the school environment. It also has outside agencies that attend to give advice to parents on any issues they may and welcome feedback.


Speech and Language Group

Caroline Haddon works closely with the NHS Speech and language therapist to deliver programs for children with significant speech and language difficulties. These sessions are carried out weekly. Caroline Haddon also carries out all the referrals, assessments using BRISC/Ravens/ BPVS and liaise with teachers /parents on progress.


Parental Issues

Caroline Haddon can help and support all parents/careers with any issues they may have and signpost when needed. The referrals can be direct from parents, Head Teacher and/or staff and all progress/solutions are reported back to the Head Teacher and all people involved.  This is provided anytime during the day and is such a worthwhile service for parents to receive support.